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Lynch LLP is your sword and shield. Whether you’re pursuing infringers or defending yourself or your business against a lawsuit, Lynch LLP boils down the expertise of a big law firm into a nimble, cost-effective solution that works for you.


If you’ve identified infringers and you need them to know you take your intellectual property rights seriously, Lynch LLP has the know-how to intitiate meaningful licensing negotiations or to halt illegal activity. Whether it is a cease and desist or filing a complaint to bring the other party to the table – we have you covered.

Custom tailored solutions for every client.

Every client is different, so why would we use the same strategy over and over? At Lynch LLP, we take into account a multitude of factors that can affect litigation. Other firms may force a “tried and true” strategy onto every client, regardless of budget. That’s not the real world.

You need lawyers that are determined, hardworking, but most importantly: creative.

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